DAHS Committees

Academic Affairs (AAC)

Susan Beck (Chair), Brenda Mitchell,  Carol Giuliani, Virginia Dickie, Ruth Humphry, Lisa Johnston, Joy Renner, Melody Harrison, Betsy Crais, Martha Mundy

Curriculum Affairs

Martha Mundy (Chair), Lisa Johnston


Joy Renner (Chair). Three additional members are chosen who are not from the student's division. Two of those members should be from the AAC, and one member from the faculty who is not a member of the AAC.

Chair's Advisory

Stephen R. Hooper (Chair), Brenda Mitchell, Joy Renner, Jackson Roush, Susan Beck, Debby Givens, Lisa Johnston, Kyle Gray, Eileen Burker, Ruth Humphry, Valerie Tan

Distance Education

VACANT (Chair), Brenda Mitchell, Jennifer Hayden, Karen McCulloch, Lisa Domby, Susan Beck

Space Advisory Committee

Policy:  DAHS Space Policy (pdf).

Appointments and Promotions Committee

Allied Health Sciences Chair, Full Professors, and Division Directors

Admissions Committee

Brenda Mitchell (Chair), Jonathon Hacke, Katerina Haley, Martha Mundy, Carol Giuliani, Joy Renner, Susan Beck, Jenny Womack

Financial Aid Committee

Brenda Mitchell (Chair), Lisa Johnston, Lisa Domby, Linn Wakeford, Lauren Noble, Judy Schmidt, Perry Studevent, Kyle Gray, Cara McComish

Clinical coordinators

Brenda Mitchell (Chair), Lisa Johnston, Lisa Domby, Sue Coppola, Laine Stewart, Joy Renner, Judy Schmidt