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Description: This occurs when the child puts pieces of a toy or multiple toys together in more perceptually complex ways, such as sorting or putting an object into something that requires a specific orientation. Putting toys together in more complex ways shows that the child is furthering his/her understanding of important perceptual features and how objects relate to each other.

Skill Levels across Four Categories of Play

The hierarchies of play visually represent the order in which these skills develop, and the corresponding ASAP goals and objectives to help children build each level of communication and play.

Play Chart
Download Play Hierarchy
What is Symbolic Play? Symbolic play involves pretending or using imagination. At a simple level, when a toddler pretends to stir in a bowl that is actually empty, she is pretending that there is something in the bowl. Or when a preschooler picks up a cardboard tube and swings it in front of him like a sword, he is pretending that the cardboard tube is something different from what it actually is. A kindergartner who swoops around pretending to be a superhero defeating the bad guys is also showing symbolic play skills.