This list describes in general the documentation that is required of all students in the Division of Clinical Laboratory Science. Students will receive instructions for documenting completion of the requirements, including deadlines for each requirement.

  • Required immunizations, including the requirements for Health Science Students.
    Note that the flu shot is required when students are in clinical rotations during flu season (2nd year CLS students).
    A Q&A document addressing common immunization questions may be found here.
  • Annual tuberculosis screening.
  • Annual review of CLS Policies and Procedures.
  • Annual safety training.
  • UNC School of Medicine’s online HIPAA Training, renewed annually.
  • Criminal background check prior to clinical placements, renewed annually.
  • Drug screen prior to clinical placements.
  • Major medical insurance coverage in force during clinical rotations.
    The UNC system requires adequate coverage for all full-time, degree-seeking students. CLS students who do not submit a waiver with proof of personal coverage will be automatically enrolled in the  mandatory student hard waiver plan. Distance education students (MDS) must provide proof of coverage. MDS students may review Health Insurance Options for information on purchasing a policy, if needed.
  • Students who are (or may be) assigned to a rotation at a Duke University Health System facility or a Veterans’ Affairs facility (including all second-year CLS students) are required to complete additional training and documentation. Also, students completing a rotation at other sites may also have to fulfill additional requirements (safety orientations, training modules, etc.). The requirements of our clinical sites are subject to change at any time. You will be informed of these as we are made aware of them.