Clinical Instructors

Policies & Procedures

All UNC and CLS policies apply whether the student is on-campus or off-campus. In addition, students are expected to adhere to the policies of the host facility. If the facility's policy (i.e., dress code) is more restrictive than the CLS policy, the student is governed by the facility policy. Acceptance of CLS policies and procedures is assumed with registration.

View objectives for the clinical experience here [pdf].

Student Information

See photos of CLS students. (Click on the student's name to email him/her.)

See the documentation required of students in the Division of CLS here.

View rotation information given to second-year CLS students here.

If you need a rotation schedule, please contact Laine Stewart.

Forms You May Need

General Safety Checklist [pdf format]
Incident Report [pdf format]
Post-exposure care protocol: call 919-966-6573
Daily Clinic Review [pdf format]
Performance Standards for the Daily Clinic Review [pdf format]
Professional Performance Report [pdf format]
Phlebotomy Clinical Practice Evaluation [pdf format]

Library Resources for Clinical Instructors

Our clinical instructors are eligible for AHEC Digital Library Membership.  Through this membership you may access resources of the AHEC Digital Library and Carolina's libraries, including the Health Sciences Library.  To register, contact Mary Beth Schell, AHEC Digital Library manager, with your preferred email, phone number, and address.

See the CLS Resource Guide.