Tamira White, MS, CRC, LPCA (adjunct)


PhD Candidate in Applied Developmental Sciences and Special Education from UNC-Chapel Hill
MS in Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill
BA in Psychology from Wake Forest University

Research/Clinical Interests

I study the transition from high school to adulthood for youth with autism spectrum disorder. I am interested in supporting families as their youth approach this transition.

Publications (past five yrs)

Kirby, A. V., White, T. J., & Baranek, G. T. (2015). Caregiver Strain and Sensory Features in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities. American Journal on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities,120(1), 32-45.
Schultz, T. R., Sreckovic, M. A., Able, H., & White, T. (2016). Parent-Teacher Collaboration: Teacher Perceptions of What is Needed to Support Students with ASD in the Inclusive Classroom. Education & Training In Autism & Developmental Disabilities, 51(4), 344-354.
Hume, K., White, T., Sideris, J., Dykstra, J., Kucharczyk, S. (in press). Development and Validation of the Secondary School Success Checklist: A Transition Planning Tool for Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum.Educational Psychology
Tamira White