Funds raised through our corporate partners program will be used for:

  • Student scholarships: We plan to raise enough funds to fully cover tuition and fees for five students
  • Student recruitment: The program being the first of its kind, we plan to create nationwide recruitment initiatives including Internet advertising, multimedia productions, and advertising at professional conferences.
  • Curriculum development: Our curriculum continuously updated with the most current information in the fields of Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science.  We plan to raise funds for development of new educational modules by leading educators in the field.
  • Equipment and supplies: Our goal is to create a dedicated fully functioning student laboratory with Internet ready machines, study area, and diagnostic testing area.
  • Faculty recruitment and development: We plan to attract the best leaders and educators in sleep science and neurodiagnostics. Our goals include gaining endowed professorships and raising funds for faculty to attend professional conferences and professional development courses.

For more information about becoming a NDSS corporate partner, contact The Medical Foundation of North Carolina.