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MS Program in Occupational Therapy

With a vision of what occupational therapy can offer, our faculty is determined to prepare occupational therapy graduates to be leading forces in developing and implementing new practices.

OS picOur curriculum, based in occupational science and with occupation as a core curriculum theme, prepares graduates to plan and deliver occupation-centered services at individual and programmatic levels. In addition to education in traditional clinical practice areas, students develop skills in establishing innovative, evidence-based practices across traditional and emerging practice settings.

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PhD Program in Occupational Science

The Division is committed to the development of occupational scientists who share a dedication to building our understanding of the complexity of everyday activities and how occupations relate to health and well being. Graduates of the program will be prepared to assume leadership roles as scholars, researchers, and educators in academic institutions and as clinical researchers in a wide assortment of healthcare and health promotion settings

The program offers opportunities for graduate students to receive training across a range of the discipline’s interests, to include in that training work in cognate disciplines, and to work directly with faculty members on specific research projects. As far as is possible, programs are tailored to the needs and interests of the individual student.

PhD Program Description

PhD Program Admissions