Costs of Attendance


Tuition and Fees:
Tuition and Fees for the MS program in Occupational Therapy are updated on an annual basis, and included in the documents linked at the Office of the University Cashier at

Program Cost Estimates based on 2017-18 Tuition & Fees

Extra Costs

In addition to tuition, student fees and living expenses you should budget for some additional costs as part of your graduate school education. These costs include:

  • PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL TUITION: There is a supplemental tuition fee for the graduate professional degree  programs in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, including the MS program in Occupational Therapy. As of April 1, 2009, the supplemental tuition is $5350 per year for both NC residents and non-residents. THIS AMOUNT IS REFLECTED IN THE FIGURES PROVIDED BY THE CASHIER'S OFFICE THROUGH THE LINK ABOVE. The supplemental tuition is assessed during Fall and Spring semesters only and does not apply to Summer sessions.
  • FIELDWORK: You should plan for extra expenses associated with traveling to a fieldwork site and securing housing there. When students are enrolled in fieldwork, they are considered full time students and are charged regular tuition. Some fieldwork sites may require a criminal record check, drug testing, and/or immunizations. Students receive detailed information about these requirements from the Fieldwork Coordinator early in the summer prior to starting the program.
  • BOOKS: The required books form the basis of your professional library. As a result you should anticipate approximately $925 for books and printed material.
  • RESEARCH: All students complete a required research project in collaboration with another student. Projects may cost from $100 - $500 per student, according to the research question and method selected to answer it. The research faculty works with each collaborative research team to ensure a meaningful project while trying to keep the cost down.

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