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Admission to the doctoral program is open to individuals who have a master’s in a social science field or in occupational therapy. Your point of contact is Nancy Bagatell, program director.

Applicants should have:

  • Strong academic backgrounds
  • An understanding of the discipline of occupational science
  • A desire to contribute to the knowledge and research regarding human occupation, and;
  • The goal of an academic or applied research career.

Tips for applying:

Before writing your personal statement about why you want to study at UNC-CH, prospective applicants will benefit from reading the publications of the faculty as well as literature from prominent journals within occupational science. Division Director, Nancy Bagatell, PhD, can provide assistance with locating these resources. Contact with Dr. Bagatell regarding interest in the program is encouraged, and prospective applicants are welcome to visit the UNC-CH campus and the Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. When you contact Dr. Bagatell, provide a description of your general area of interest and we will put you in touch with a student with similar interests.

Please note that doctoral students in Occupational Science are admitted to the Graduate School, not the UNC School of Medicine.