HEELS Prep is designed to support emerging adults with intellectual disabilities (ID), age 18-26, toward a community engaged and self-determined adult life. The program addresses key areas of the transition to adulthood, including self-management, life skills, career development, mental health, and community safety. Through diversified learning experiences and practical application, participants grow in their understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and advantages of adulthood.

Please contact Dara Chan if you have any questions.

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HEELS Prep is an interdisciplinary collaboration between UNC Department of Allied Health Sciences, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, TEACCH Autism Program, UNC School of Education, along with a community partner, Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International.

HEELS Prep is a program of the recently established HEELS 2 Transition organization. HEELS 2 Transition is working toward expanding offerings to include year-round programming designed to support to individuals with ID.