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Coming Summer 2021!

HEELS UP is an inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) program. It will be piloted in Summer 2021 during UNC’s Summer Session (SS II) in an abridged virtual format for 2-4 eligible students. HEELS UP will offer an enriching college experience to individuals with ID. Through inclusive academic, social, and recreational opportunities, students gain access to the many benefits of a college experience. IPSE programs are associated with improved adult life outcomes in areas such as self-determination/self-advocacy, community participation, independent living, and employment. Students are supported to pursue their personal and career goals through an individualized, person-centered plan. A certificate of completion will be awarded for the Summer 2021 pilot program.

Programs such as this one are growing across the country, making college an option for people of all abilities. For more information, visit Think College

Program Details

Dates:  June 28, 2021-August 3, 2021 during Summer Session II.

Format of Delivery: Audited online coursework Summer 2021, (some face to face sessions may be included depending on COVID 19 guidelines)

Apply: HEELS Bridge is a required prerequisite for HEELS UP. Apply for the HEELS Bridge Summer 2021 program HERE

Staffing:  Small group and 1:1 coaching will be offered based on individual support needs.


Contact Adela Van Name, 919-824-8824, Anna Ward, or Jennifer Diliberto, for more information