Clinical Education

Thank you to all the Clinical Instructors and Center Coordinators for Clinical Education that participate in working with UNC students. The links listed below will take you to the various documents that you may need when working with UNC students in the clinical setting. Please also feel free to contact us at any time.

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy

Clinical Education Syllabus



Clinical Education Description

CI Responsibilities

Policies and Guidelines for Clinical Education (2 pgs)

Requirements for Clinical Rotations (2 pgs)

Comments and Complaints (2 pgs)


Courses in Sequence

Overview of Clinical Education Sequence (2 pgs)

Clinical Affiliation Times for Current Year (slot request form)

Syllabus for Clinical Education - Course Objectives (PHYT 761, 764, 768, and 770) (11 pgs)

Program Mission, Philosophy and Objectives (5 pgs)

Summary of Clinical Education Assignments (2 pgs)


Web CPI Introduction Letter

Why the Web CPI

Steps to Get Started with Web CPI

Web CPI Contact Info Sheet

Web CPI Performance Dimensions and Rating Scale Anchors

CPI Signature Pages


Site Assessment Form (includes site information and CI evaluation) (10 pgs)

CI Curriculum Evaluation Form

Student Curriculum Evaluation Form

Clinical Site Feedback Form


Student Information and how to contact the students


Insurance information (liability coverage through UNC-CH, automatically renewed each year July 1)


Forms for Use in Clinical Education – instruction pages (2 pgs)

Weekly Planning Form

Weekly Review Form (2 pgs)

Generic abilities assessment, (a version modified by UNC for use with our students) (6 pgs)

Anecdotal Record

Critical incident report form

Learning contract


Benefits for being a CI at UNC

Expert Preceptor Interactive Curriculum (EPIC) program

Library Services for Off-Campus


Clinical Site Information Form – includes a printed copy of the form we would like for you to provide to us regarding your facility and staff information. This form should be updated every 2-3 yrs, or when there have been significant changes.

Please make this syllabus available to each clinical instructor assigned to work with our students, prior to the start of the student affiliation.