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Welcome to the Cassidy Plasticity Lab! We are a growing research team located at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in the Division of Physical Therapy. Our research focuses on the human movement system across the lifespan. We use structural and functional neuroimaging, electroencephalography, and neurostimulation to investigate neuroplastic change in the brain during motor development, injury, and disease.

Jessica Cassidy, PT, DPT, PhD, started her research position with the UNC Division of Physical Therapy in the spring of 2019. She is currently outfitting her lab in Bondurant Hall and recruiting talented individuals to join Team Plasticity.


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Jessica Cassidy, DPT, PhD
Jessica Cassidy, PT, DPT, PhD

Dr. Cassidy loves the brain and has a passion for rehabilitation research. She was a pediatric physical therapist before entering academia. Her NIH-funded work entails the development of neuroimaging-based biomarkers to predict post-stroke motor recovery. The project will also examine how patient-specific factors like attention, mood, and motivation influence motor recovery prediction.

Future projects involve neuroimaging application in infants and children with stroke to longitudinally study motor development and also examine neural connections at a single-subject level to develop circuit-specific therapies to improve motor outcome and, ultimately, impact clinical neurorehabilitation practice.