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PACER’s National Parent Ctr on Transition & Employment

Workforce of Tomorrow: 

  • CASEL and Civic analyzed employer surveys to identify skills that are sought after, but difficult to find in the current workforce and found that employers frequently name underlying skills and attitudes that align with CASEL’s five core competencies.
  • The report, Preparing Youth for the Workforce of Tomorrow: Cultivating the Social and Emotional Skills Employers Demand, emphasizes that state and local leaders should partner with businesses to create an integrated education-to-work pipeline that deeply embeds SEL into classrooms and workforce development to develop future-ready students. 


Career Onestop

National Technical Assistance Center for Transition (NTACT, formerly known as NSTTAC)


Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment


CanChild (many excellent assessments, clinical and parent resources)



Casey Life Skills


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Independent Living Institute


Job Accommodation Network (JAN)