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The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is a committee within the OORS.

Responsibilities of the RAC include:

  • Developing research strategic initiatives and policies;
  • Establishing strategic initiatives to increase interdisciplinary research collaborations;
  • Designing and coordinating educational opportunities;
  • Providing resources, supports and infrastructure;
  • Facilitating pre- and post-award services;
  • Promoting faculty research interests, and
    raising the visibility of DAHS research and scholarship locally, nationally, and internationally.

The RAC meets monthly and welcomes input from all faculty.

2018-2019 Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Members:

  • Antoine Bailliard
  • Elizabeth Crais
  • Jennifer Daniel
  • Richard Faldowski
  • Clare Harrop
  • Adam Jacks
  • Melissa Kay
  • Patty Kinneer
  • Vicki Mercer
  • Eniko Rak
  • Barbara Renner
  • Wanqing Zhang