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The purpose of this project, Hearing Screening and Audiological Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disability, is to conduct school-based hearing screenings and audiological assessments of students with significant cognitive disabilities (SCD). Many students with SCD cannot use speech or have disabilities that compromise their ability to see, hear and/or move. Given the “invisible” nature of hearing loss, under-identification of hearing loss is more likely in the presence of these other more visibly prominent challenges. Hearing screening studies among Special Olympic athletes, who have a range of ages and intellectual disabilities, have documented unidentified hearing loss and under-managed hearing health needs. Thus, there is reason to suspect that students with SCD are also at risk for unidentified hearing loss and under-managed hearing health needs. The medical and behavioral complexities involved with this population make hearing assessment and management more difficult as well. This project is the first step to gain better understanding of the hearing health needs of this population, as well as the feasibility of conducting school-based hearing screenings and assessments.

Contact Person

Nancy Quick

Investigators and Key Personnel

Karen Erickson, Investigator
Jackson Roush, Investigator
Martha Mundy, Investigator

Primary Funding Source

Sertoma Community Participation Grant