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The purpose of the proposed Tar Heel Shared Reader implementation project is to develop products and services that support the implementation of shared reading with school-aged students with significant cognitive disabilities (SCD) who do not yet read with comprehension. Tar Heel Shared Reader combines the library of age and ability appropriate books in Tar Heel Reader with a new shared reading interface in order to engage students with SCD more actively in constructing meaning from texts, including texts that are aligned with grade-level content and standards in order to improve and increase interactions while supporting improved academic success. Tar Heel Shared Reader is employing an iterative development cycle to develop, evaluate, and revise products and services required to effectively implement the Tar Heel Shared Reader approach.

Contact Person

Nancy Quick

Investigators and Key Personnel

Karen Erickson, PI
Claire Greer, PI
Nancy Quick, Project Director
Penny Hatch, Investigator

Primary Funding Source

US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)