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The Life Interests and Values Cards

“Supporting Self-Determination in People with Aphasia”

Authors: Katarina L. Haley, PhD, CCC-SLP, Jennifer L. Womack, MA, MS, OTR/L; Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, ScD, CCC-SLP; Denise Caignon MS, CCC-SLP; and Karen McCulloch PhD, PT
Illustrator: Stuart Helm

The LIV Cards:

  • Allow direct communication with your client, family member, or friend with aphasia (or other language difficulties) about valued life activities
  • Facilitate goal-setting in therapeutic sessions, assessments, and everyday conversations
  • Contain engaging black-and-white drawings depicting life activities in four categories: Home & Community, Creative & Relaxing, Physical, and Social
  • Include materials to communicate about mood states and activity adaptation

The LIV Cards consist of a boxed set complete with:

  • Instruction manual
  • Reproducible scoring sheets
  • (95) ninety-five durable activity cards
  • (2) two symbol cards to support sorting the activity cards
  • (11) eleven emotion cards to identify mood states
  • (7) seven adaptation cards showing alternative ways of engaging in activities
  • (6) six composite cards showing conversation category
For information about digital and physical copies of the LIV Cards please send an email to:


Haley, KL, Womack, JL, Helm-Estabrooks, N, Caignon, D, McCulloch, KL, (2010). The Life Interest and Values Cards. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Department of Allied Health Sciences.