Hearing Aids

Using real ear measurements for hearing aid programming is what sets our clinic apart.

Hearing Aid Fitting 04

The UNC HCC follows best practice guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Audiology.

During the fitting, the audiologist will:

  • Check the physical fit of the hearing aids
  • Complete Real-Ear-Measurements
    • A small microphone is placed in the ear canal to measure how much the patient is hearing
    • Program the hearing aids using the manufacturer’s software to research based prescriptive targets
    • Counsel the patient on hearing aid use and maintenance

Payment is due the day of the fitting.

Following the fitting, the patient has a 45 day evaluation and adjustment period. During this time, follow up appointments are scheduled to ensure the patient is receiving optimal benefit. The number of follow up appointments needed is specific to the individual. After the 45 day adjustment period is complete, audiologists recommend a 6 month and annual hearing aid check.


The UNC HCC partners with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers to ensure optimal benefit for each patient's individual need. The audiologists are willing to work with any manufacturer, as long as the software is shared.

Manufacturers include, but are not limited to: