Hear what patients have to say about their experiences at the HCC.

"I wish to express my appreciation for the professional and caring manner that Dr. Johnson exhibited during the diagnosis and installation of my hearing aids.  As you might expect, I had some apprehension about needing hearing aids, but her process removed that image.  Thank you."  J.F., Chapel Hill, NC



"I lost ten years of good hearing by failing to consider aids of any kind.  I fixated on a man from my childhood who had ugly blobs & tubes protruding from his ears.  Thus in January of 2015, I walked into the UNC Hearing & Communication Center with anxiety bordering on dread.  After five minutes with Dr. Patricia Johnson, the anxiety disappeared and I regretted waiting so long.  She and her colleagues made every step of the process easy and enjoyable, especially when it was time to choose the right hearing aids for me.  They are thoroughly knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.  I cannot recommend them highly enough."  S.H., Fearrington Village, NC

"As a young man, I experienced high frequency hearing loss resulting from a career flying Naval aircraft.  For many years, I was led to believe that I was not a candidate for a hearing aid that would reduce the impact of this loss on everyday living.  In 2014, I was referred to the UNC Hearing & Communication Center where I came under the professional care of Dr. Patricia Johnson.  Dr. Johnson and the HCC staff determined that indeed I could be helped by hearing aids.  Now nine months later, I am enjoying improved hearing in many situations.  I strongly recommend Dr. Johnson and the HCC to anyone uncertain about current technology's ability to improve one's hearing."  B.C., Durham, NC


"Growing old and hearing loss should not be a problem.  Hearing aids do work if you choose the right doctors and location.  For me, the UNC Hearing & Communication Center in Chapel Hill has changed my life.  Dr. Patricia Johnson and staff will take care of you & you will enjoy life again."  F.R., Oriental, NC


"UNC Hearing & Communication Center has been a God-send for me.  From the get-go their sensitive and compassionate manner combined with excellence in technical know-how has helped me immensely in coping with my hearing loss.  Most recently, my work with Dr. Johnson has been especially valuable.  Being able to work with one professional consistently has allowed for the continuity of care I find so essential.  I would (and have) recommend(ed) the UNC Hearing & Communication Center to others."  R.P., Chapel Hill, NC


"Mom's hearing seems to have improved markedly!  I hardly have to write down anything for her, whereas before it had gotten to the point that I had to write down almost everything I wanted to communicate with her.  And she can understand many other people now (as opposed to almost nobody before).

Thank you so much for your thoroughness with her.  This has been a BIG improvement in her quality of life!" E.D., Chapel Hill, NC


"It is impossible to find adequate words to describe my "new" life with hearing aids, and the heartfelt gratitude I feel to Dr. Amanda O'Donnell.  I am deeply grateful for her determination to find the best device possible for a classical musician; her unique willingness to take extra hours to listen to and work with me -- not only in person but via email; her quest to enhance her own knowledge; and, above all, her warmth, good humor, and positive spirit.  As a result of this, I find myself in a world long lost to me.  I delight in so many exciting "new" sounds - the rustle of leaves, the jingle of keys, the purring of my cat, and especially the song of birds.  The sounds I hear through these little Phonaks are beautiful and like aural iridescence.  I could not be happier with the results.  The 200-mile round trips were worth every moment to receive the best healthcare imaginable." B.L.S. Pfafftown, NC

"I noticed steady decline in my hearing once I entered my seventies. Often I watched TV barely knowing what was going on. I put off addressing the problem until I realized that my hearing was affecting family members more than me. When I asked friends how they dealt with their hearing problems, repeatedly I was advised to use the UNC Hearing and Communication Center. Six months ago, I had my hearing tested at the Center and was fitted with hearing aids. They have improved my life in ways I never expected. Without question, this success is due to the high professionalism of the staff. The testing I received was very thorough, and once the diagnosis was made, my doctor presented me with the pros and cons of several hearing aid options, helping me make an informed choice of which was right for me. Since I got hearing aids, I have talked to several people about their experiences. I am surprised how many bought hearing aids at shopping malls, or from vendors with no medical credentials, and for prices considerably higher than what I paid. I am delighted with the UNC Hearing and Communication Center and highly recommend them." D.L. Chapel Hill, NC


"If you're having problems with your hearing, this is the place to go. You will get answers, help, and follow up, not a sales pitch for a particular product or pressure to buy it."  B.H. Chapel Hill, NC 


"The audiologists are thoroughly trained professionals and they really care about their patients." A.B. Chapel Hill, NC

"If you want: a thorough and objective evaluation; careful fitting and explanation of hearing aids and devices; excellent follow up, go to the UNC Hearing and Communication Center." H.C. Fayetteville, NC


"My hearing loss was identified at a screening at the UNC Wellness Center in February of 2013, and what a surprise! The audiologists and staff are very professional and nice, and gave simple explanations for use and care (of hearing aids). I was able to meet with a rep (from a hearing aid company), which really helped me select the aid I wanted. It (the clinic) is affiliated with UNC, where I do 'all my shopping'. It has a convenient location." R.A. Hillsborough, NC