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Chapel Hill Library, Meeting Room A

Wednesday, September 30, 2015   

10:30A-11:30A  "The Brain-Ear Connection: Understanding Cognition's role in Better Hearing"

Emerging research has shown correlation between untreated hearing loss & cognitive decline.  This seminar will explore the interaction between the brain and the auditory system, focusing on how the aging brain processes sound.  We will examine steps for improving our hearing, our cognitive health, and, in turn, our quality of life.

12:30P-1:00P  "It Takes Two: Strategies for Improving Communication"

When a friend or loved one has a hearing loss, many find that daily communication becomes a struggle.  This interactive workshop will provide communication partners vital tips and strategies for reducing frustration and improving dialogue.  Even simple behavioral and verbal changes can make a world of difference in hearing better and being understood.


Seymour Senior Center

Tuesday, October 13th @ 10:00AM

Updates in Hearing Technology

Join us for an informational session on the basics of hearing physiology and the latest in hearing technology.  We will explore evidence based steps for better hearing and communication.  Whether you are considering hearing aids for the first time or have worn hearing aids for years, all are welcome. 


Community Screenings

Screenings are for individuals who have not been diagnosed with hearing loss.

Free of charge.

Call 919.493.7980 to schedule an appointment.