Competitive Candidate

Our goal is to enroll  a talented and diverse body of students who display strong academic performance and intellectual curiosity.We receive applications from well-qualified students from all parts of North Carolina, the nation, and the world. These students come from various ethnic, religious, geographical and socioeconomic backgrounds. From this large group of applicants,we admit a small number of the most competitive candidates.

Although our admissions process is rigorous, we strive to make it fair and humane. We don’t use formulas or cutoffs or thresholds; no one is automatically admitted or denied because of a single number. Instead, we read each application thoroughly, one by one. When we read yours, we’ll try to understand you as fully as we can, both as a student and as a person. We consider the educational/professional background of each applicant to create a diverse and dynamic class.

We know  that students travel many different roads to get to Carolina, and we celebrate the variety of interests, backgrounds, and aspirations that they bring with them. We know that not every talented student needs to be talented in exactly the same way.
At the same time, it’s fair to say that we seek excellence. We focus first on academic excellence, using a variety of information—courses, grades, test scores, recommendations, and a personal statement—to help us assess performance and potential. Beyond academics, we seek excellence in other areas; in leadership, service, citizenship, and character. This list isn’t exhaustive or prescriptive; our candidates do things we’ve hardly imagined, and we’re more than happy to be surprised. When we read your application, we’ll be interested in what you've done and what you care about—those things that make you the unique person you are.