Recognizing Your Gift

Charles Gerrard Legacy Society
The founders of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill had a vision.  And for over 200 years, planned gifts to the University have helped fulfill that vision and create the legacy that is Carolina. The tradition began in 1797 when Major Charles Gerrard made a generous bequest. In his will, he left the University a large tract of land, much of which he had received for his Revolutionary War service. When the University sold the land several decades later, the money was used to build Gerrard Hall next to South Building. This bequest from Charles Gerrard and the planned gifts that others have made to the University have helped to build Carolina and to strengthen its programs of teaching, research and public service.

W. Reece Berryhill Society
Established by the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine in 2002, the W. Reece Berryhill Society recognizes alumni and friends who support UNC Speech and Hearing Sciences through any type of deferred gift. Through their generosity and foresight, Berryhill members play a vital role in securing the future of Speech and Hearing Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill.  The Society is named in honor of the late Dr. Berryhill, a longtime dean and leader of the School of Medicine who is widely recognized as "the father of modern medicine at UNC."