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Mary Beth McGranaghan

Associate Program Director & Associate Director of Evaluation and Assessment

McGranaghan received a BS in Chemistry from Chestnut Hill College. She then received a PhD in Analytical Chemistry as well as her MHS degree in the physician assistant program at Duke University. She worked as an associate professor in Analytical and General Chemistry and Dean of first-year students at Chestnut Hill College. She has served as a physician assistant in several communities across North Carolina for nearly 17 years.

McGranaghan is enthused with her position in the PA program and its start to success. “I am a creative person who likes to develop possibilities. I particularly felt drawn to the mission of the program. It focuses on two needs of our state and our country, primary care and care of veterans. The UNC program is going back to the roots of the PA profession by educating veterans to enter the health care workforce.”

Additionally, McGranaghan loves the chance to educate students. “I started teaching third grade in the Philadelphia Catholic School System and advanced to associate professor of chemistry at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. I only left teaching to pursue my other love, medicine. By joining this program I feel blessed to combine the two. I want to be able to give back to the profession. I have had wonderful experiences as a PA and want to share that with our students.”


Office location: 2087 Bondurant Hall