All prerequisite work must be done at a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S. The program will not accept transfer credit from other physician assistant programs. Prerequisite courses should have been completed with grades “C” or better. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that all prerequisite courses be taken within the last seven years. Students with prerequisite courses older than seven years are encouraged to audit or retake courses to refresh their understanding of the subject matter.

Students taking courses on the quarter system will normally need to take two-quarters of classwork to equal one semester. The conversion tool is Quarter Hours X .667 = Semester Hours. There no exceptions to semester hour requirements.

You cannot substitute higher level courses or work experience for the general courses listed below. For example, taking one general biology course with lab and a higher-level biology does not meet the requirements for two foundational biology courses. There is a general level of knowledge expected of students when entering the program. AP/IB/CLEP credits cannot be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements, nor can college courses taken as a pass/fail.  

For course equivalencies, please refer to 

*Anatomy and Physiology – (human-based highly preferred). Applicants may not mix and match courses between pathways.

Courses can be taken at regionally accredited four-year institutions or community colleges, online or in person.
Online labs will not be accepted. All courses are considered equally.

Prerequisite Course Evaluation Request

After reading the course descriptions above and reviewing the FAQ page, if you wish to have a particular class that you have taken evaluated for admission to our program, please submit the information via the link below. Supply the course name, number, a course description, and a link to the university/college catalog. You may also upload a syllabus for a course in the link as well. Please do not submit all of your courses for evaluation. You should be able to match most of the required courses with ones that you have taken or plan to take. For courses you are planning to take, please visit your local academic advisor for guidance.

Physician Assistant Program Course Evaluation Request