Limited opportunities for clinical year rotations are available to students from other PA programs. The clinical coordinator at the visiting student’s school must contact the Clinical Education team to determine if a rotation is possible. Students should not contact preceptors independently or arrange rotations outside of the procedures outlined in the Visiting Student Policy provided below.

Visiting Student Application Policy and Procedure

Participation requires a completed Affiliation Agreement between the student’s home institution and UNC Hospitals. Visiting students must also complete an application for a visiting Structured Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) through the UNC PA Program.

Approved visiting students from an accredited Physician Assistant Program will be eligible to enroll in clinical rotations at the UNC School of Medicine for a maximum of eight weeks total in the academic year (UNC calendar). Enrollment in didactic courses is not available to visiting PA students. The clinical coordinator of the Visiting Student’s home PA Program should contact the UNC PA Program Director of Clinical Education or the Associate Director of Clinical Education prior to submission of the application to discuss the SCPE(s) desired and proposed dates to determine feasibility. Direct inquiries from non-UNC students or proposed sponsoring UNC preceptor will not be considered.

Process for visiting PA students and SCPE(s) at UNC

  1. Representative from Visiting Student’s PA Program (not the student) contacts UNC PA Program Director of Clinical Education and the Associate Director of Clinical Education with rotation request, providing the following information:

    1. Home PA Program information (name, location, degree conferred by program, duration of program)
    2. Contact information for Home PA Program representative
    3. Student(s) Information requesting a rotation
    4. Rotation(s) requested
    5. Duration of rotation(s)
    6. Potential time blocks for rotation(s) (please note this must be at least 90 days from the date of request submission)
    7. Identified preceptor, if known
    8. Compelling educational reason to establish agreement
  2. UNC PA Program clinical faculty review request to determine feasibility.

    1. Feasibility is determined by many factors, including placement of UNC PA students (who take priority at their home institution), site and preceptor availability, as well as the multitude of other learners present at UNC clinical sites which may dilute the potential experience of a visiting student
    2. The visiting student’s PA Program representative will be notified of feasibility determination
  3. Prerequisites – students must:

    1. Have successfully completed the didactic requirements from an accredited Physician Assistant Program
    2. Be currently enrolled and in good standing for the clinical year at an accredited Physician Assistant Program
    3. Have received approval from home clinical coordinator to proceed with application after their discussion with UNC Director of Clinical Education to determine rotation feasibility
  4. If deemed feasible: (Visiting student is required to providing the following documents electronically to, and as a complete packet at least eight weeks prior to proposed rotation at UNC-CH)

    1. UNC Hospitals will use its own template affiliation agreement
    2. Visiting student will complete the application, compliance requirements (UNC SOM required immunizations, Epic Training, and LMS online training).
    3. Official academic transcript providing proof of good academic standing at home institution
    4. Proof of personal health insurance
    5. Current BLS card
    6. Proof of professional liability insurance: Certification of coverage to be provided on school letterhead indicating provided limits of coverage
    7. Application components: brief essay regarding reason for completing rotation at UNC; evidence of completion of the above compliance requirements
    8. Two photo IDs: Presentation of photo ID (driver’s license, school photo ID, passport)
    9. $500 Application Fee
    10. Proof of criminal background check: Report must be no older than 60 days at time of application
    11. Student will be processed through UNC Human Resources as an unpaid intern, which will include a separate background check and completion of a release of liability form
  5. Final schedule and preceptor information will be provided to the faculty or staff representative from the visiting student’s PA program who will then present this to the visiting student.

  6. The visiting student’s PA program will be responsible for obtaining all evaluations and other paperwork required by their program.

  7. The UNC Advanced Practice Practitioner Counsel and Advisory Board will receive regular updates of visiting PA student placements at UNC. This will be communicated to Dr. Betsy Shilliday and Ms. Meg Beal.



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