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The flyer gives the most basic information about our project, all in one easy to read page! Both in English and Spanish.


Our brochure gives you some more detailed information about the project, what our goals are and what is involved for participants and their parents. All of the middle schools have copies, or you can print it from this link!


Our newsletter keeps you up to date on the goings on of the project. Check in for our most recent publications!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the study?  

It’s a 4 year study; each child participates in an assessment and writing program in 6th grade, and a brief follow up assessment in 7th grade.

How often will you see my child?

If your child is eligible after an initial screening, we will administer a two-hour assessment in the fall, followed by instruction twice a week for 13 weeks during the spring semester.

How will I find out about the results of the study? 

Each family will receive a letter providing information about their child’s performance on the fall assessment. For confidentiality, the final results from the study will be reported about the group as a whole and will not include information about individual participants.

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