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By Alexander Gómez-A

Although the elevator has been out-of-order for about one-week, Alex, 28, continues standing in front of it, pressing the button, and waiting for it to arrive. Then, after some time, he remembers that the elevator is not working and use the stairs. Why did this happen to Alex? Was he a distracted person? Or was he not paying attention to the signs? Maybe he has memory issues? The reason might be any of these (or others). But, this is not the first time Alex has been confused in his daily life. The question is, why? We could find part of the answer in Alex’s history. During adolescence, Alex drank alcohol on weekends and usually, he would drink until he became drunk. He also remembers several episodes of blacking out during those “crazy weekends.” The pattern of how Alex drank as a teenager is commonly known as “binge-drinking.”

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