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Class of 1987 (2017 Reunion_

Class of 1987 Loyalty Fund Scholarship Endowment

The Class of 1987 is excited to announce a goal to create the first-ever alumni-funded $500,000 Loyalty Fund Scholarship Endowment, which will cover full resident tuition for a deserving student each year in perpetuity.

Class of 1987 Loyalty Fund Scholarship Endowment
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Class of 1987 Loyalty Fund Scholarship Endowment?
Once fully funded at $500,000, the Class of 1987 Loyalty Fund Scholarship Endowment income will annually support resident-tuition for one exceptional student each year at the UNC School of Medicine (SOM).

Who is invited to participate in building the Class of ’87 Scholarship Fund?
All members, friends and family of the SOM Class of 1987 are encouraged to participate.

Why are we doing this now?
Our Class of 1987 celebrated its 30th Reunion from graduating medical school during Spring Alumni Weekend, April 28-29, 2017. This campaign allows us to honor the exceptional education, mentorship, and personal enrichment we received as students while celebrating a milestone reunion.

How much money are we raising?
Our goal is to create the first-ever alumni funded $500,000 scholarship endowment. During 2017, an anonymous donor classmate initiated a $250,000 dollar-for-dollar (1:1) match campaign. Together, we raised $228,000. Our challenge now is to secure the remaining funds needed to endow a scholarship at $500,000.

What counts as “a gift/commitment” for campaign purposes?
All cash, check, securities, and matching gifts at any level count as commitments to the campaign.

What is special about the Class of 1987 Scholarship Fund?
Once it is fully funded, the Class of 1987 Loyalty Fund Scholarship will be the very first class fund that will cover full tuition for its recipients. The Class of 1987 has the opportunity to set the bar for other classes while tangibly giving back to the School that has given each of us so much.

Class Agents

Dr. David W. Boone
Dr. Gregor G. Cleveland
Dr. Andrea Nowotny Hass
Dr. Dennis Kokenes
Dr. Bret A. Kort
Dr. Thomas Lawrence
Dr. Gustav C. Magrinat
Dr. Frances Owl Smith
Dr. Nancy W. Phifer
Dr. Daniel Sappenfield
Dr. Robyn Stacy-Humphries
Dr. William Sutton

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Jeanine Simmons
Associate Director of Development, Medical Education and Alumni Development