Class of 2017 Loyalty Fund

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The Class of 2017 is a community of friends dedicated to making a difference. The Class of 2017 Loyalty Fund is just one more way for us to make a difference…Together.

What is it?

A project to establish an endowment to provide enrichment opportunities and scholarships to future students at the UNC School of Medicine.

Why now?

  • The project can span our entire professional lives
  • This fund and the impact that it has will grow with us over the course of our careers
  • Small donations can make a difference when many people make them
  • Starting earlier and involving more people means that we will reach our goal faster and have a bigger impact

What will our legacy be?

  • Early in the project, students will benefit from enrichment awards for things like national meeting attendance.
  • After we raise enough money, our endowment will fund a $10,000 scholarship for one student each year FOREVER.
  • The more money we raise, the more scholarships we can give, and the greater our legacy will be.

Class of 2017 LunchClass of 2017 Lunch

Our goals 

To raise $25,000 by the 5th anniversary of the class graduation

To raise $200,000 by the 15th anniversary of the class graduation

How much should I give?

We realize that students do not have significant financial resources, so we suggest a gift of just $20.17 per year while you are in medical school. We hope that this will allow everyone to get involved.


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Current Grand Total: $7,161.89



GIFT TOTAL: $2,682.99

DONOR HONOR ROLL (as of 5/1):

George A. Alyateem

Rachel J. Brader

Richard O. Broadhurst

Patrick T. Campbell

Hui Xiao Chao

Ryan A. Corbello

Matthew M. Cousins

Benjamin G. Crisp

Elizabeth Cotton Deans

Manuel P. Fanarjian

Taylor A. Fie

Elizabeth M. Figgatt

Henry P. Foote

Benjamin W. Frush

Christopher A. Gardner

Alex K. Gertner

Anna E. Goswick

Elias T. Gunnell

India B. Hanvey

Brent E. Heideman

Kelly E. Hemmings

Lukas G. Keil

Tyler R. Mckinnish

Caroline A. Moffett

William D. Oslund

Alexander S. Plattner

Jennifer K. Potter

Teresa Ro

Brittany A. Ross

Julia G. Saunders

Paris C. Scott

Haley B. Stehr

Tyler A. Stephen

Shivani Sud

Aaron M. Wesley

Keyonna M. Williams

Adam K. Willson

Everett G. Young

Friends and Family of the Class of 2017


ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-2015 


GIFT TOTAL: $4,478.90


Katherine Adams

Emma Ashley Babb

Alexis Kathryn Barnes

Rachel Johnston Brader

Ryan Matthew Bradley

Richard Oldfield Broadhurst

Cydney Allixandria Bullock

Simi Daisy Cadmus

Patrick Taylor Campbell

Marianne Casilla-Lennon

Hui Xiao Chao

Amelia Katherine Cline

Ryan Austin Corbello

Elizabeth Deans Cotton

Matthew Michael Cousins

Christopher Sean Cowden

Benjamin Gregory Crisp

Vivian Doan

Samuel Joshua Dotson

Humphrey Fang

Taylor Anne Fie

Elizabeth Marie Figgatt

Anna Mary Fleischman

Henry Putnam Foote

Benjamin Wade Frush

Amanda Mae Gambill

Christopher Allen Gardner

Alex Kerbel Gertner

Brittaney-Belle Elizabeth Gordon

Abhilash Guduru

Elias Taylor Gunnell

Herodes Garzon Guzman

India Blaire Hanvey

Sarah C. Harris

Brent Edward Heideman

Kelly Elizabeth Hemmings

Elizabeth Isak

Christopher Samuel Iskander

Christine Post Jackson

Malcolm T. Jefferson

Diya Theresa Jost

Matthew Jordan Kasher

Prateek Sanjeev Katti

Lukas Gregory Keil

Jessica Brooke Koontz

Danielle Nicole Martin

Tyler R. Mckinnish

Milap Praful Mehta

Hadeer Usama Ebrahim Metwally

Caroline Alicia Moffett

George Wiley Clinton Moreland

Graham Garfield Mulvaney

Scarlett Olivia Murphy

Mary Rebekah Mynatt

Bo Chigozie Nebolisa

Caroline Nance Newman

Minh Nguyen

Franklin Chalmers Niblock

William David Oslund

Akul Shailesh Patel

Alexander Solomon Plattner

Jennifer Kneezel Potter

Philip Alexander Ramirez

Shanti Gundavaram Rao

Audra Joyce Reiter

Michael Kominski Robinson

Brittany Alyse Ross

Thomas Nash Rusher

Eleanor Farley Saunders

Julia Gray Saunders

Paris Ciara Scott

Charles Thomas Semelka

Vishavpreet Singh

Christof Chiu Smith

Patrick Drexel Snyder

Adrianne Elizabeth Soo

Haley Barrier Stehr

Tyler Alexander Stephen

Shivani Sud

Jesse Sun

Eric Tran

Aaron Matthew Wesley

William Mckinney West

Jenna Marie Wiley

Keyonna Michele Williams

Adam Kenneth Willson

Spencer Burton Wilson

Everett Glenn Young

Class of 2017 Ambassadors


Emily Stevens
Medical Foundation of NC, Inc.
880 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, CB 7565
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7565