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MAFS 2017

The UNC Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship is an annually funded scholarship supported by loyal alumni working at the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Medical Center. Established in 2013, this generous award helps recruit the brightest students by offering four years of support.

Recruitment is a key priority for the School, as every year UNC loses top students to peer institutions who offer more competitive scholarship award packages.

Beginning in 2021, alumni also began fundraising for an additional scholarship specifically for an underrepresented in medicine student (URM). This push will not only address our continued need for scholarship support but also will solidify our focus on URM admissions.

You can help us and honor your own UNC medical education. Your participation is critical in this annual campaign to fund the prestigious UNC Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship.

As the UNC School of Medicine works to expand its medical school classes, your UNC Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship helps us attract top-ranked students. Thanks to your generosity, we have proudly welcomed seven Medical Alumni Faculty Scholars.

  1. Helen Powell, SOM class of ’18, UNC BS ’14; Burlington, NC
  2. Ashley Cairns, SOM class of ’19, UNC BSPH ’15; Chapel Hill, NC
  3. Mackenzie Davis, SOM class of ’20, UNC BA ’16; Colorado Springs, CO
  4. Lauren Ellis, SOM class of ’21, Duke BS ’16; Portland, OR
  5. Christopher Sefton, SOM class of ’22, UNC BS ’18; Cary, NC
  6. Aneesh Rahangdale, SOM class of ’23; Tallahassee, FL
  7. Ella Branch, SOM class of ’24; Charlotte, NC

Thank you for the many ways you serve, support and represent the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Medical Center.

Make a gift today to support the UNC Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship

Giving is easy via payroll deduction or online using the GIVE NOW button above. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Elizabeth Entwistle with the UNC Health Foundation at 919.966.2553 or

Hear more about the scholarship impact from past recipient Dr. Helen Powell: