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Members of the National Loyalty Fund Committee (NLFC) are proven alumni leaders who have demonstrated commitment through their volunteer work with reunion or area campaigns, time and financial support. Committee members oversee and encourage the success of the Loyalty Fund in conjunction with the Office of Medical Alumni Affairs. The NLFC meets twice annually during spring and fall medical alumni weekends.


National Loyalty Fund Committee

Paul E. Viser, MD ’84 – Chair

Theodore C. Kerner, MD ’85 – Chair-Elect

Eli C. Tate, MD ’14 – Vice Chair

William M. Herndon, MD ’81 – Honorary Chair

James D. Hundley, MD ’67 – Honorary Chair

John W. Foust, MD ’55 – Honorary Chair

Wesley C. Fowler, MD ’66 – Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs


Katrina Howard Avery, MD ’91

Robert Alonzo Bashford, MD ’71

Lisa Koehler Burke, MD ’89

Emily Hueywen Chang, MD ’07

Matthew Michael Cousins, MD ’17

George Wheeler Cox, MD ’66

Frederick Mast Dula, MD ’81

Otis Norwood Fisher, MD ’59

Wesley Caswell Fowler, III, MD

Mary Susan Kirk Fulghum, MD ’71

Lisa Armsrees Gillespie, MD ’94

Roderick Neil Hargrove, MD ’98

James R. Harper, MD ’60

Kelvin C. Harris, MD ’86

J. Franklin Hatchett, MD ’87

Christopher Samuel Iskander, MD ’17

Joseph McKendrie Jenkins, MD ’74

Sheryl Gillikin Jordan, MD ’85

John Alvin Kirkland, MD ’85

Thomas Jeffrey Koontz, MD ’66

William David Lee, MD ’74

Steven Kelly McCombs, MD ’80

Carl Spencer Phipps, MD ’62

Joseph Ross Pringle, MD ’75

Jennifer Kate Stoddard, MD ’97

Tamaurus Jerome Sutton, MD ’05

Randall Watts Williams, MD ’85

Lindsay A. Wilson, MD ’08

Richard Charles Worf, MD ’78

Michael Lawrence Zollicoffer, MD ’85

Aisha Amuda, Whitehead Medical Society Co-President

Katie Davis, Whitehead Medical Society Co-President




To learn more, please contact:

Kirsten Beattie
Director of Annual Giving, Loyalty Fund