Established in April 1992, the National Loyalty Fund Committee (NLFC) is comprised of proven alumni leaders through their volunteer work with reunion or area campaigns, time and financial support. Committee members are responsible for overseeing and ensuring the success of the Loyalty Fund in conjunction with the Office of Medical Alumni Affairs. By virtue of their positions, the Associate Dean/Chair, the President and the President-Elect of the Medical Alumni Association shall be members. The NLFC meets annually during Spring Alumni Weekend.

National Loyalty Fund Committee

William M. Herndon, MD ’81 – Chair

James D. Hundley, MD ’67 – Honorary Chair

John W. Foust, MD ’55 – Honorary Chair

Wesley C. Fowler, MD ’66 – Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs


Katrina H. Avery, MD ’91 William D. Lee, MD ’74
Robert A. Bashford, MD ’71 Hugh A. McAllister, MD ’66
George W. Cox, MD ’66 Steven K. McCombs, MD ’80
Frederick M. Dula, Jr., MD `81 Carl S. Phipps, MD ’62
Otis N. Fisher, Jr., MD ’59 Harold C. Pollard, III, MD ’74
Mary Susan Fulghum, MD ’71 Joseph R. Pringle, Jr., MD ’75
Lisa A. Gillespie, MD ’94 Robert E. Sevier, MD ’66
James R. Harper, MD ’60 Tamaurus J. Sutton, MD ’05
John M. Herion, MD ’83 Paul E. Viser, MD ’84
Stacey N. Ibrahim, MD ’90 Randall W. Williams, MD ’85
Joseph M. Jenkins, MD ’74 Richard C. Worf, MD ’78
Theodore C. Kerner, Jr., MD ’85 Michael Zollicoffer, MD ’85
Thomas J. Koontz, MD ’66