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For each of the past 60 years, the UNC School of Medicine has celebrated exemplary alumni and faculty with its Distinguished Alumni Awards. These awards were established in 1955 to recognize those who had made an important contribution to the establishment and early growth of the four-year medical school at UNC.

L-R: Herman Chavis, MD ’79; Martha L. Elks, MD ’78; Katherine A. High, MD ’78

L-R: Kenneth E. Locklear, MD ’79; Roger Perry; M. Andrew Greganti, MD

Today, they are designed to honor those alumni and friends whose “distinguished careers and unselfish contributions to society have added luster and prestige to the University and its School of Medicine.”

Since 2009, the Distinguished Medical Alumnus Award has been divided into two categories. The Community category honors excellence in professional and community leadership while the National category recognizes exemplary work that has garnered national or international attention.

The Medical Alumni Distinguished Faculty Award honors excellence in teaching, contributions to medicine in the state, leadership in continuing education of practicing physicians and improving communication between UNC faculty, alumni and residents of the state.

Finally, the Distinguished Service Award is given annually to non-alumni as a way to recognize governmental and community leadership which has contributed significantly to the mission of the medical school.

Winners are selected by the Distinguished Medical Awards Selection Committee which is chaired by Dr. Amelia Drake.

2020 Distinguished Medical Alumni Awards and Service Awards

Dr. Herman Chavis ’79
Dr. Martha L. Elks ’78
Dr. Katherine A. High ’78
Dr. Kenneth E. Locklear ’79
Mr. Roger Perry

2020 Distinguished Faculty Award

M. Andrew Greganti, MD

How to Nominate

Download a copy of the nomination instructions letter (pdf format)