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What is your greatest accomplishment during residency thus far?

Surviving the first day of residency (haha – written on my third day of residency)

What are your career aspirations?

I am very interested in critical care medicine and pediatric anesthesiology. I think at this point I would like to pursue fellowship training and hopefully stay in academic medicine.

What drew you to UNC?

Something that stood out to me during my interview at UNC was the depth of the pediatric and critical care experiences compared to a lot of other programs. These are areas that I am interested in for further sub-specialty training, so I thought having good exposure to both of them during residency would help solidify my decision and give me more quality experience in both. Plus, the Triangle area is an absolutely fantastic place to live – very quaint and friendly.

What do you do for fun?

I love to run and play video games. One of the few good things about the pandemic, for me, was some extra time at the end of medical school to re-connect with these hobbies.

If I wasn’t an anesthesiologist I would be…

Translator – I love learning about other languages and how different, yet similar, other languages are to one another..