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What is your greatest accomplishment during residency thus far?

I am proud of the educational experience I have pursued here at UNC during my intern year, while also consistently spending time and engaging with my family. I am very satisfied with the work I do at UNC, the education I am receiving, and work-life balance I am able to maintain.

What are your career aspirations?

I am considering a fellowship in cardiac or pediatric anesthesia. I would eventually like to have the opportunity to take on a teaching role as well.

What’s your favorite thing about coming to work every day?

Everyday I enjoy meeting my patients and taking care of them during a stressful and critical time their lives.

What drew you to UNC?

I was drawn by the medical opportunities and the high quality education offered at UNC. This in combination with the great culture found around Chapel Hill-Durham and the mountains/beach in close reach made UNC my top choice.

What’s your favorite rotation and why?

My favorite rotation was the Academic Medicine Rotation (AMR). This rotation is centered around a Quality Control Project and we received daily lectures on leadership, professional development, and public speaking. We had the opportunity during this month to develop our friendships and deepen our unity as a class.

What is your go-to fun fact?

I played in a band with my wife and friends before medicine and also through medical school. We are planning a reunion tour as some point.

What do you do for fun?

Enjoying my wife and kids, playing guitar, gardening and landscape projects around my house.

What’s a hobby you’ve picked up since the start of residency?


If I wasn’t an anesthesiologist I would be…

A minor league baseball player. Crash Davis if you have ever seen the movie Bull Durham.