Michael Greenberg

Fun Fact:

I was born at UNC Hospitals.

Favorite rotation:

Excluding starting CA-1, I have to say I really enjoyed the MICU. Although the work is hard, being in the ICU is a great combination of medicine, physiology, and critical thinking. As my last rotation as an intern, it was a great lead-up to the start of the CA-1 year.

Biggest accomplishment in the past year:

Biking to the hospital in the dark for 300-some-odd days of the year. Truth be told it’s a glorious 7 minutes, rain, sleet or starry sky. Recommend.


Trail running, tennis, reading for 3 1/2 minutes before I fall asleep and meditating.

Best thing about Anesthesiology at UNC:

The people. The residents, techs, attendings, CRNAs, cirulators, nurses, surgeons, etc. make training at UNC a genuinely enjoyable experience.