Anesthesiology Accreditation

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Key Summary Points

  • UNC Anesthesiology is a fully accredited program as recognized by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.
  • UNC has a five-year review cycle, with no citations, for the core program and for all of our fellowships. This is the longest allowable review cycle. Our next ACGME Self Study for the core program is scheduled for 2024.
  • UNC is the oldest public University in the United States first matriculating students in 1795. UNC Memorial hospital opened in 1952. We obtained accreditation on April 3, 1959 and have been continuously accredited ever since.
  • Today, we have 55 residents (52 in anesthesia, 3 in combined peds-anesthesia) and 11 fellows (2 regional, 1 healthcare administration, 3 pain management, 3 pediatric, 1 obstetric, 1 patient safety and quality improvement).
  • Our 5-year rolling board certification rate is 97%, well above the national average of 90%, over the same time frame.