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Team Surgical Oncology Website Before Surgery

Carbohydrate drink

  • You will consume clear liquids, then Ensure 1 hour before arrival time.

Health Assessment

  • Includes baseline blood pressure and ideal body weight assessments.

Fluids before Surgery

  • You will receive IV fluids before surgery to provide hydration.
During Surgery

Antibiotic Prophylaxis

  • Will be given within 1 hour of incision.

Tailored Anesthesia Care

  • Evidence-based, best practice recommendations will be used throughout the surgery to ensure individualized blood pressure management, prevention of blood clots, careful IV fluid administration, and medication administration.

Goal Directed Fluid Management

  • Best practice guidelines will be used to ensure you are appropriately hydrated throughout your surgery.
After Surgery

Postoperative Pain Management

  • Pain will be addressed using oral medications that target several different pain receptors. You may also have an epidural to help control pain for certain procedures.

Tubes and Catheters

  • The nasogastric tube and foley catheter should be removed on postoperative day 1, unless specified by the surgical team.


  • You should be out of bed and walking by postoperative day 1.
  • Daily ambulation goals will be set by the medical team and their completion encouraged by nursing staff.
Educational Materials