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Team Surgery Website Before Surgery

Carbohydrate drink

  • You will consume clear liquids, then Ensure 1 hour before arrival time.

Health Assessment

  • Includes baseline blood pressure and ideal body weight assessments.
  • Referral to smoking cessation program when appropriate.

Incentive Spirometry

  • You will be provided with an incentive spirometer and educated on its use. You will be encouraged to record their daily progress in a log book, which will also be provided.

Fluids before Surgery

  • You will receive IV fluids before surgery to provide hydration.
During Surgery

Antibiotic Prophylaxis

  • Will be given within 1 hour of incision.

Tailored Anesthesia Care

  • Evidence-based, best practice recommendations will be used throughout the surgery to ensure individualized blood pressure management, prevention of blood clots, careful IV fluid administration, and medication administration.
After Surgery

Postoperative Pain Management

  • Pain will be treated with several different oral medications to target different pain receptors. Additionally, an epidural may be offered to help with pain for some surgical procedures as mentioned above.

Tubes and Catheters

  • The nasogastric tube and foley catheter should be removed on postoperative day one unless specified by the surgical team.

Pulmonary Wellness Strategy

  • You will be encouraged to use incentive spirometry and to use a bedside log book to record their maximum volume efforts each hour while they are awake.


  • You should be out of bed and walking by postoperative day 1.
  • Daily ambulation goals will be set by the medical team and their completion encouraged by nursing staff.
Educational Materials