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Consent for Treatment of Minors
There are occasional situations where surgeons have been able to contact family for consent prior to a surgery, but anesthesia cannot find parents or legal guardians to consent for anesthesia on the day of surgery. No discussion was had with any parents. But a good faith effort was put into trying to find them. Please see attached Hospital Policy explaining the Treatment of Minors.
Zofran Vials vs. Dexmeditimindine Vials
Recently, the zofran vials in the COR pyxis look very similar to the dexmedetimindine vials – same teal pop tops. Obviously a medication error could be catastrophic, especially in the pediatric population. The situation should be temporary and is secondary to the severe ondansetron shortage that we dealt with earlier this year. Please be aware!
OR Medication Audits
Congratulations! A Medication safety audit was conducted on Wednesday, August 15 in all of the Main ORs and Childrens ORs. Great job attaining 100% compliance with your Medication Safety awareness!
Resident QI Projects
The 2015-2016 Resident QI projects are getting started and underway. All of the project teams have submitted their project charters and will be reviewed in the coming days by the Resident Quality Improvement Advisory Group. In an effort to Continuously Improve our work, we are in a transition period to bring more structure to the Department of Anesthesiology starting with the Resident Projects. We hope that you will stay tuned on how things are changing and get involved in other departmental projects and/or initiatives. As always, your feedback is welcome so that we continuously improve and make the program better!
Codonics Survey
UNC Hospitals have been trialing the Codonics SLS (Safe Label System) over the last several months in a select group of Operating Rooms. We would like your feedback. Please take this short online survey to help us gain your feedback.