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Parking is handled by the SOM Parking Coordinator. There is now a central parking pool that every department pulls from for parking assignments.

The department HR Specialist is your liaison with the SOM Parking Coordinator, with the department HR Consultant as back-up.

The university parking website:

The university transportation and parking website:

You will be assigned a parking assignment in ConnectCarolina when you are hired, based on available parking. Before you can be assigned parking, you must first enter your vehicle information (make, model, color, tag) at Log in with your ONYEN and password.

Once your parking assignment has been made, you will use your OneCard to access gated lots. The University Parking Office makes random license checks so it is imperative that you register your vehicle in the parking system.

The Parking Year begins on Aug 1 of each year and ends on July 31 of the next year.

There are three types of permit you can request:

  1. Full permit – allows parking M-F
  2. Flex permit – allows parking up to three days a week
  3. Daily permit – allows parking on a daily basis, paid each day

Starting this year, parking year 2022, your current parking assignment will carry over into the next parking year. A parking survey will be still be sent out in June to gather faculty and staff 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for parking preference.

If you have been assigned a temporary parking spot from a waitlist, your parking will revert to your previous assigned lot on Aug 1st, and you will need to request a waitlist assignment again.

When the parking year resets, if you received parking from a waitlist, you will be offered parking based on your Total State Service Date (TSSD), your job responsibilities, and your reply to the department parking survey.

Every attempt will be made to assign your 1st choice, but that is not always possible. In the event that you do not get your 1st choice, you will be offered your next available choice, if possible.

If you don’t get your 1st choice, the parking coordinator will submit a request to add you to the waiting list of your choice. You can also indicate a waiting list you want on the parking survey, if you like.

Your position on the waiting list is based on your TSSD.

If you wish to be added to a wait list that was not indicated on the parking survey, you can either add yourself to that list at the online services site, or you can contact the parking coordinator, who will send your request to the SOM Parking Coordinator. After September 30th you will need to add yourself to your waitlist of choice.

Waitlist assignments begin in October of the parking year. You can only be one waitlist at a time. You will receive an e-mail from the parking office offering you a spot in the lot that you chose. You can then choose to accept that assignment or decline it. If you decline the assignment you will be removed from the waitlist. If you change your mind later you will have to be added to the waitlist again and you will be placed at the end of the list.

If you would like to explore alternative ways to commute to work, please see the Commuter Alternative Program (CAP) website