Sarah Linnstaedt, PhD

Sarah Linnstaedt, PhD received her undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech and her doctoral degree at Georgetown University in Washington DC. She then completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Duke University, researching the role of small regulatory RNAs, called microRNAs, in the pathogenesis of disease. Dr. Linnstaedt joined The Department of Anesthesiology TRYUMPH team at UNC in Fall 2012 to determine microRNA predictors and mechanisms of acute and chronic pain development following traumatic stress. Modern experimental techniques such as Next Generation Sequencing and Integrative Computational Analyses have catapulted discovery for these projects. Her laboratory’s long term goals are to define diagnostic molecules and therapeutic targets to help improve the outcome of individuals experiencing pain. She enjoys mentoring the amazing group of students in her laboratory and outside of research, Dr. Linnstaedt spends time with family and friends, travels to new destinations, and takes lots and lots of photos.