ResidentBootcampThe Department of Anesthesiology conducts special training for incoming residents to teach them the basics of induction, emergence, and troubleshooting, to ensure a safe transition to unpaired independence in the operating room at the end of the first month. Using the simulation lab, residents learn a variety of induction techniques without the distractions of time pressure and with full autonomy to conduct the entire anesthetic. Hemodynamic and respiratory emergencies are also addressed, with emphasis on temporizing maneuvers, differential diagnosis, and crisis resource management skills. Elements of emergence from anesthesia are also taught, focusing on the coordination and proper timing of awakening, muscle relaxant reversal, analgesia, emesis prophylaxis, and elements of preparation for transportation to the PACU or ICU. Life threatening emergencies that may occur during induction and emergence are also taught in the safe environment of the simulation lab. For more information about this course, please contact Dr. Kathryn Cobb at.