Kumar TeachingThe Department of Anesthesiology is resourced with a state-of-the-art echocardiography simulator, which provides hands-on training for residents and faculty. Through bi-weekly sessions, residents gain familiarity with the manipulation of TEE probe to obtain standard views. The echo simulator is also used throughout the cardiac anesthesiology echocardiography rotation to reinforce anatomic and pathologic teaching points, and help residents gain finesse and skills with this procedure. Additionally, echocardiography simulation courses within the department help enhance/ maintain echocardiography skills among our faculty at different levels of expertise. Our group published the first prospective randomized study (Anesthesiology 2014 Jan; 120:149-59) proving that simulator-based TEE training has greater practical utility than traditional lecture and web-based training. This research also won an award at the 2014 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare. For more information about TEE simulation, please contact Dr. Priya Kumar at