Blasius PhotoDr. Kimberly Blasius received her medical degree at Upstate Medical University and completed her residency training at Mount Sinai Hospital and pediatric anesthesiology fellowship training at UNC. As CAPSEL Director of Pediatric Simulation at UNC she has developed and created multiple simulation courses within the Children’s Hospital. Dr. Blasius is currently working with multiple other pediatric anesthesiology simulation educators to create a national pediatric anesthesiology simulation collaborative. Her interests include pediatric anesthesiology fellowship curriculum development, pediatric perioperative team training with crisis management and simulation instructor training (teaching the simulation teacher for residents and medical students).

Current Pediatric Simulation Courses:

1. Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Simulation Boot Camp. UNC Children’s Hospital, (Course Director and Co-creator)

2. Transition to Practice Simulation Experience: Pediatric Anesthesia Critical Event and Team Training, UNC Children’s Hospital, (Course Director and Co-creator)

3. UNC Children’s Operating Room on the Ready: Perioperative Crisis Management and Team Training, (Course Director)

4. Pediatric Anesthesiology Outside the Operating Room: Resident Simulation Training, (Course Director and Instructor) UNC Children’s Hospital

5. Pediatric Mock Codes, UNC Children’s Hospital Simulation Committee, (Faculty Facilitator)

6. TeamStepps Simulation for Pediatric Crisis: Course Director

7. Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Milestones Program

Selected Abstracts:

1. C Willie MD…, K Blasius. Pediatric Intraoperative Emergencies: How Ready Is Our Perioperative Team? Presentation: Society for Pediatric Anesthesiology Annual Meeting, March, 2015.

2. M Potisek, C Willie, K Blasius, G Hobbs, K Cobb. Presentation: Accepted for Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) Annual Meeting, May 2015

3. K Blasius, H Baboolal. Using High-Fidelity Simulation for Transitioning to Practice: Pediatric Anesthesiology Crisis Management and Team Training. ASA Annual Meeting, October 2014

4. K Blasius, H Baboolal… Advancement of Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Training: Utilizing Resources and Creating a Multidisciplinary Simulation Team. UNC Quality Expo, October 2014

5. C Willie, K Blasius, E Waller, J Jutson, J Taylor, B Joyner, H Baboolal, P McNaull. Children’s Operating Room on the Ready: Pediatric Perioperative Critical Event Training. UNC Quality Expo, October 2014

6. K Blasius, A Schwartz, S DeMaria, A Sim, A Levine. Using High Fidelity Simulation for Airway Management, Critical Events and Team Training for Rapid Response Teams. Presented: Society for Simulation in Healthcare Annual Meeting, January 2012.

7. A Schwartz, K BlasiusThe Use of High-Fidelity Simulation to Assess and Improve the Interpersonal Skills of the Practicing Anesthesiologist. Simulation in Healthcare Annual Meeting, January 2012

National and Regional Workshops:

Multi-Institutional Pediatric Anesthesiology 4th Annual Fellowship Boot Camp. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia CHOP, (Guest Faculty Instructor) August 2015

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine PCCM 10th Annual Regional Fellowship Boot Camp. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia CHOP, (Guest Faculty Instructor) July 2015

Simulation Experience for the Difficult Airway, Crisis Management and Team Training. 67 and 68th Annual PGA in Anesthesiology (Faculty Instructor) December 2013-14

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Annual Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Boot Camp, Center for Simulation, Advanced Education, and Innovation (Faculty Instructor) September 2014

Intra-Operative Pediatric Critical Events. 49th Annual New York Anesthesiology Review, (Workshop Instructor) March 2012

Difficult Airway Management Simulation Training and Airway Topicalization. 64th & 65th Annual PGA in Anesthesiology (Workshop Instructor) December 2011-12

Thoracic Workshop, Simulation-based Exercise on Double-lumen Tubes, The Difficult Airway, and Intraoperative Hypoxia, ASA Annual Meeting (Workshop Instructor) October 2011

Mount Sinai Cardiovascular Symposium Simulation Training Course, (Workshop Instructor) 2011-13

Prior Simulation Experience:

TeamStepps Master Training Course, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Training Site, Duke University 2014

Teaching the Teacher: Medical Student Simulation Program, (Course Instructor and Project Mentor) 2011-13

CA-1 Milestones, Outcomes and Competencies for Anesthesia Residents (MOCA-R), (Course Instructor) 2011-13

CA-2 Milestones, Outcomes and Competencies for Anesthesia Residents (MOCA-R), (Course Instructor) 2011-13

Enhancing Anesthesiology Internship: Introduction to Human Simulation, (Course Creator and Instructor) 2011, 2012

Core Curriculum 7-week Anesthesiology Simulation Boot Camp (Course Instructor) 2011-2012

Physiology: Simulation of the Cardiac and Respiratory Systems for 1st year Medical Students, (Course Instructor) 2011-13

Airway Simulation Course: Intensive Care Fellowship Experience, (Course Coordinator and Instructor) 2010-13

Rapid Response Team Training: Critical Events Management (Course Instructor), Columbia University and Mount Sinai Medical Center 2011

Sedation for the Pediatric Emergency Room Physician, (Course Instructor) 2011

Simulation Outreach:

Minority Association for Premedical Students (MAPS) Program in Healthcare Simulation (Course Coordinator and Instructor) 2010-2012

Humanities in Medicine Program: Simulation Mentorship for Future Doctors (Course Director) 2011-2012

Mission Trip Boot Camp: Simulation for the Anesthesiology Provider (Curriculum Development and Course Instructor) 2010-2012

MedDocs: Integrative Healthy Living Simulation Program (for underprivileged school students) (Course Director and Instructor) 2010-2012

MedStart: Physiology Simulations, Promoting Personal Health and Well-Being (for underprivileged school students interested in health sciences) (Course Instructor) 2011-2012