Stiegler SmallDr. Marjorie Stiegler received her medical degree from Emory University and her residency training at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She completed several months of simulation training at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, is a graduate of the Institute of Medical Simulation Instructor Training course, and has ongoing collaborations with CMS leaders on educational and research endeavors. Before joining UNC, she was a faculty member at UCLA, where she also completed a fellowship in medical education. At UNC, she is the director and co-founder of CAPSEL, and is a member of the Resident Education Committee and Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Committee. Dr. Stiegler serves nationally on the American Society of Anesthesiologists Patient Safety and Education Committee, and the Anesthesiology Quality Institute Committee for the Anesthesia Incident Reporting System. Dr. Stiegler is a Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) Grant recipient, has been a plenary session and highlighted speaker at top meetings including the PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesia and the ASA Annual Meeting. She speaks widely on topics of patient safety, simulation, and medical decision-making.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications:

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Selected Recent Presentations:

MOCA® Patient Safety Highlight Session Cognitive Errors in Anesthesiology: Making Mistakes Even When You Know Better. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA. October 2013

Workshop: Critical Incident Response: The Aftermath of an Adverse Event – Caring for the Caregiver. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA. October 2013

Panel: Embracing Quality Improvement: Key Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Yourself, Your Department, and Your Hospital. “Role of Simulation in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety” American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA. October 2013

AeroSpace Medical Association Associate Fellows Group Annual Panel: Clinical Human Factors: Bringing HFACS [human factors analysis and classification system] and ADM [aeronautical decision making] to the Bedside. (Associate Fellows Group is a distinguished designation of highly ranking members of the ASMA that invites experts for this highlighted panel) AeroSpace Medical Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. May 2013

Consult the Experts Panel: Simulation, MOCA, and Licensure. Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia 28th Annual Meeting. Scottsdale, AZ April 2013

Cognitive Errors in Healthcare: The missing link for effective debriefing when mistakes are made despite knowledge and skill? Pre-Conference Course. 13th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare. Orlando, FL January 2013

Opening Plenary Session
 28th Annual R.W. Robertazzi Memorial Panel of the 66th Annual Post Graduate Assembly in Anesthesia: Cognitive Errors In Anesthesiology. To Do No Harm: What We Must Do Better, New York NY December 2012

Sim LIVE! Workshop. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. Washington DC. October 2012

Critical Event Response Teams: Caring for the Caregiver in the Aftermath of a Adverse Event (90 minutes) Society for Education in Anesthesiology Fall Meeting, Washington DC (Moderator/Lead Presenter) October 2012

Developing and Enhancing Bootcamp Courses: “Drown-proofing” New Anesthesia Residents. (90 minutes) Panel Presenter. International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, 2012, San Diego, CA. January 2012

Combining Simulation with Other Interactive Teaching Techniques: An Innovative and Integrative Approach to Engaging Large Audiences. (2 hours) International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, 2012, San Diego, CA. January 2012

Simulation Based Training in Critical Incident Management and Teamwork:Debriefing (4 hour workshop) American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, 2011, Chicago, IL. (Moderator/Lead Presenter) October 2011