AOE Dynamic Work Group: Grants Committee

September 13, 2011

Help with selection of AOE travel and scholarship awards

Members Present: Edward Kernick (chair), Renae Stafford, and Joe Costello

Refined Goals of the Work Group:

The committee’s goal is to promote and fund curricular innovation, evidence-based curricular change and a scholarly approach to the education mission. To this end, each year the committee solicits from the members innovative teaching projects aimed at enhancing the instruction and education of our medical students/residents. Funding for projects ranges from $2000 – $3000 and projects are expected to be completed in 12/15 months. Successful applicants present their findings at an AOE meeting and are encouraged to present their findings at national meetings and/or publish their work. Yearly educational AOE budget for these types of projects is approximately $7500. In addition, the committee solicits and approves applications for travel funds to national educational meetings (i.e. AAMC). Yearly educational AOE budget for Travel Grants is approximately $5000

Action Items with Dates and Responsible Individuals:

The committee Chair will be notifying AOE members this month (September) concerning the 2011/2012 Innovative Teaching Grants. Applications for these innovative grants will be emailed to all AOE members. Applications will be due in early November. The committee members will review and score the grants. Those projects that are awarded funding by the AOE will be notified in early December.

The committee chair will also notify members concerning Travel Grant Applications for Medical education meetings (i.e. AAMC). Members are eligible for up to $1800 in travel funds to participate in medical educational programs. Those individuals awarded funds are expected to present a brief synopsis (i.e., educational highlights presented at the meeting and/or new innovative instructional methods) to the AOE members.

The committee discussed the possibility of creating an AOE Educational Poster Presentation Day/event (perhaps a lunch-time activity). This event could promote member awareness of current on-going educational projects here at UNC and AHEC Sites.

The committee also considered/discussed the usefulness of creating a “Resource Document” aimed at assisting AOE members with scholarship/publication. The document could, for example, provide members with names of individuals willing to assist/review/guide educational projects (i.e. statisticians)

Plan for Next Meeting:

November 2011