AOE Dynamic Work Group: Educational Scholarship Committee

September 14, 2011

Members Present:

Summary of Discussion: During the meeting, the primary focus of discussion was on the definition of Educational Scholarship – what should be included, the importance of peer reviewed publication vs other scholarly activities and products, and the criteria for promotion of educators in the School of Medicine. It was noted that there is a well-vetted definition of educational scholarship that has been published (Ernest Boyer), which we may have to dig up. The following specific items were discussed by the group:

  1. Challenges: what are the criteria to be used, how are faculty promoted based upon educational scholarship; how to document scholarship beyond publications; There are current guidelines for promotion for excellence in education and teaching – how are these used by different departments? Are the criteria reasonable for promotion to full professorship?
  2. Scholarship vs Excellence in Teaching: important in determining promotion criteria. Excellence in teaching does not necessarily equal scholarship.
  3. Non-traditional pptions to consider: Med Ed portal, social media outlets, self-published texts or blogs
  4. Scholarship: is peer review the sine qua non?. Is publication the gold standard?
  5. Peer review different than just review (peer review – reviewed by those who also have expert in your field);
  6. Does leadership in educational activities count as scholarship?
  7. It is likely that AOE members most interested in how to “do” educational scholarship, i.e., how to evaluate educational interventions, programs or ideas. How do we disseminate? How do we design study, get funding, and publish results?

Refined Goals of the Work Group:

(Draft of Goals of Working Group):

  • Provide input to SOM to create more clear criteria for faculty for promotion along education pathway (decreasing differences among departments).
  • Promote and enhance the implementation of scholarly activity within the AOE and across the SOM.
  • One method might be to invite experts in medical education to provide didactics and workshops about educational research design and frameworks for development of scholarship for faculty.

Action Items with Dates and Responsible Individuals:

  1. Dissemination of Goals of Committee for review: Deb
  2. Draft preliminary specifics of requirements for tenure and promotion for teaching faculty (After review of current outline for promotion for Clinician Educators)
  3. Identification of a speaker from the School of Education for a session to discuss the evaluation of Scholarship in Education.

Plan for Next Meeting: