presented at the Quarterly meeting by Anthony Viera, MD

•Alan Cross •Ryan Madanick •Howard Reisner •Kenya McNeal Trice •Linda Levitch •Tom Belhorn •Rick Feins •Deb Bynum

•Primary focus: definition of educational scholarship –Peer reviewed publications –Other scholarly products

•How are faculty promoted based on educational scholarship?

•How best to document scholarship beyond publications

•Scholarship vs excellence in teaching

•Is peer review the sine qua non?

•Other outlets –MedEd portal –Social media outlets –Self-published texts or blogs

•What about leadership in educational activities?

•Felt AOE members most interested in how to “do” educational scholarship

–Evaluate educational interventions, programs, or ideas

–How to disseminate

–How to design (and get funding)

Draft Goals

•Provide input to SOM to create more clear criteria for faculty on education pathway

•Promote and enhance implementation of scholarly activity within AOE and across SOM