presented at the Quarterly meeting by Patricia White, MD

§There is a need for mentorship of junior faculty, defined as those in their first five years of teaching.

§There are senior faculty members serving as associate or full professors or serving in major leadership roles who would enjoy serving as mentors

§Propose that a pool of interested senior faculty members provide a biographical statement and list of interests. This information would be in a “pool” housed at the AOE….really more like a library.

§Junior faculty members (mentees) should be aware that this “living library” of folks (mentors) is available.

§Mentees should seek out mentors and “drive the process”. Mentees should set goals for the relationship and should be encouraged to seek mentors from either inside or outside their specialty.

§Mentees should not choose their “boss” or immediate supervisor.

§Meetings of mentors and mentees should occur approximately every other month, but the mentee should set the agenda and frequency of the meetings, which then can be approved by the mentor. •

§There should be support groups for mentors and support groups for mentees. These groups could meet quarterly to share best practices (sprinkled with some wisdom and laughter).